Ryan discovers the camera…..

It didn’t take long for my son to discover the nice shiny new computer sitting on daddy’s desk. So far, his favorite thing is the camera capturing into iMovie:


He doesn’t quite understand the “baby in there”. He touches the baby on the screen and declares “Baby in there”. What’s even more confusing is when he see’s daddy with another baby. So much for no fingerprints on the glossy screen. 🙁

We also did a video chat with grandma tonight. I think that was more entertaining for grandma than anyone else. It was very easy to setup though.

New Computer

Today, my employer purchased me a new computer: a brand new Apple MacBook Pro 17″, 2.6Ghz. This marks a bunch of interesting events:

1) This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve had an employer supplied computer. I’ve pretty much always used a computer that I’ve purchased myself.

2) This also ends my string of Dell’s. I’ve had 5 Dells in those 10 years. I started with the Inspiron 5000, then the 8000, then the 8200, then the XPS Gen 2, and finally the XPS M1710. During that time, I also setup several Dell’s for family members. (mostly 6×00 series Inspirons)

3) During that 10 years, I’ve also pretty much only used Linux on my computers (and prior to that, it was OS/2 primarily). Thus, folks keep asking me if I’ll wipe out OSX and install Linux on it. Well, I don’t know yet. I’m going to give OSX a chance for a few weeks. Check back later.


Apache CXF graduates!!!

Just received this piece of email from Jim Jagielski:

I am happy and proud to announce that at this month’s board
meeting, we have approved CXF’s graduation out of the Incubator
and as a TLP. Dan Kulp was approved as VP of the PMC.

Congrats to one and all!

Pretty exciting. After 20+ months of hard work, the Apache CXF community finally graduates out of the incubator.