Apache CXF has another book!

Just a week or so after the first book for Apache CXF was released, a second book now appears. Developing Web Services with Apache CXF and Axis2 (3rd Edition) is an update to Kent Ka Iok Tong’s book about Axis2, but it now covers CXF as well.

Being on holidays, I haven’t had time to look much at it (I’m only 1/4 of the way through the first book), but a quick glance through provided me a nice surprise. I kind of expected that it would be geared more toward Axis2 (since it’s an 3rd edition of the Axis2 book) with small “Now here’s how you do the same thing with CXF” type sections. However, it looks to be completely the oppossite. The initial examples and screen shots and stuff in the text is using CXF and JAX-WS stuff and then a small “Now here’s how you do the same thing with Axis2 section.”

Anyway, after the holidays, I hope to review both books in more detail.

Apache CXF now has a book!

Someone once told me that you’ll know your product is a success when someone writes a “For Dummies” book about it. Apache CXF took a step in that direction yesterday with the release of Apache CXF Web Service Development. As far as I know, this is the first published book about CXF.

What’s particularly exciting about this is that it’s not written by any committer on the CXF project. The authors and reviewers are completely independent. They decided that CXF needed a book and set out to write one. That’s quite interesting because on most of the OpenSource projects I’ve seen, the first sets of books are usually written by people actively involved in the project. The fact that this was written by actual users, not the developers working on the project, gives my some hope that it’s targeted correctly. One of the problems I’ve seen repeatedly with books written by the same developers that are writing the project code is the book gets too technical and makes assumptions about the readers that aren’t correct. The “I know this, so eveyone else must know it too” fallacy.

Anyway, I haven’t read it yet (I just bought it and am only up to page 17 or 336) so I cannot vouch for how good/bad it is yet. However, I’m very excited as this does fill a gap in the CXF offerings. I just wanted everyone to know it’s there. 🙂