Apache CXF 2.2.6 and 2.1.9 are released

I finally managed to get Apache CXF 2.2.6 and 2.1.9 released and out the door. In a lot of ways, this was a “big” release, not because of any cool or exciting new features, but due to the concerted effort of just “fixing bugs”. At the time I did the release build, there were 19 known “bugs” (couple more bugs have been logged since then), several of them blocked on third party fixes such as in JAXB and WSS4J. Getting down that low has been a giant effort for the entire CXF team. At one point about 4 months ago, we had almost 250 open bugs. Getting to the current level required a LOT of work on everyones part to dig through JIRA, write test cases, dig into with debuggers, etc… The result is definitely all positive. We’ve fixed a TON of bugs that have been outstanding for a very long time. I definitely encourage CXF users to update to 2.2.6.

While the push to reduce the bug count in CXF has been a very welcome and important step for CXF, it has detracted from the development of the new features and stuff for 2.3. 2.3 is definitely many months behind where I would have liked it to be. Now that the count is down to something reasonable and manageable, I’m really hoping to re-concentrate on getting 2.3 ready to ship. No promises though. 🙂

Apache CXF: 2009 in Numbers

Claus Ibsen wrote up a nice blog post about how Apache Camel did this year using some easily obtained metrics. I thought it was kind of interesting so I wanted to do the same for CXF.

Number of posts on the users list: 6614

Number of posts on the dev list: 1661

Number of messages on commits list (svn commits and wiki changes and such): 3893

Number of JIRA issues raised in 2009: 595

Number of JIRA issues resolved in 2009: 763

Number of JIRA issues raised in 2009, but still unresolved: 51 (only 19 are bugs, 3 are bugs in JAXB where we need a new release of JAXB and 5 were logged in the last 2 weeks while most devs were on vacation, so really 11 bugs unresolved).

The JIRA stats are kind of interesting. Put in a graph:

CXF issues created/resolved graph for 2009
CXF issues created/resolved graph for 2009

You can kind of see that the last 4 months or so, the CXF community really tried to go through all the old JIRA entries and resolve as many as possible. The result should be a much more stable and bug free product.