Talend Integration Factory Released….

Back in December, I talked about the release of the Talend Service Factory as being the first step in the new product plans coming out of Talend. The second step occured today with the release of the Talend Integration Factory. (Click here for the official press release if you are interested.)

Talend Integration Factory is very similar to Talend Service Factory in that it builds upon one of the most successful Apache projects, in this case Apache Camel, and enhances it to meet the needs of enterprise users. For Talend Integration Factory, the major enhancements to Apache Camel are:

  • OSGi container – a “container” directory is added which is a full OSGi container, including Equinox and Karaf, preconfigured with all the dependencies and bundles required for the most popular use cases of Camel in OSGi.
  • Camel component for Talend Open Studio which allows jobs created from TOS to be part of a Camel route

From an enterprise standpoint, the first item is very important. Having a preconfigured, supported OSGi container setup and optimized for Camel makes it a lot easier to get started with Camel.

The second item is interesting in that it’s the first piece that really starts bridging the the Talend Data technologies with the Application Integration technologies. At this point, it’s in a very early state, but it’s a starting point to build from.

Like the Talend Service Factory release, for Talend Integration Factory we again worked very hard on creating some new documented examples that demonstrate some of the advanced features of Apache Camel. The really cool thing is that several of the examples build off of the examples from Talend Service Factory, extending them to participate in Camel routes. This is very similar to how enterprises end up using Camel. They start off with existing services or have services being developed by a particular group. Those services then need to be integrated into various EIP style routes or used from other pieces of logic. The other nice thing about building up the examples like that is it really shows how well Apache CXF and Apache Camel work together seamlessly.

Anyway, I’m definitely excited about this release. As mentioned, it’s just “Step 2” and we have a lot of other exciting ideas and products that will be coming out this year. Stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Talend Integration Factory Released….

  1. Hi Dan,

    No sure to understand what’s the difference with FuseSource (Progess Software) offers.

    Can you explain the gap between Talend Service|Integration Factory and Fuse ESB/Mediation Router?


  2. Jean-Louis,

    A full difference between the Talend and Fuse offerings is probably worthy of a full blog post. Something for another day…

    Talend Service Factory and Talend Integration Factory kind of sit between the Apache projects they are based on (and thus the equivalent Fuse offerings) and the ServiceMix/Fuse ESB. For example, Fuse Mediation Router is pretty much just Apache Camel. Talend Integration Factory is Camel + OSGi, but not ALL of the OSGi and JBI things that ServiceMix/Fuse ESB have.

    There are other differences as well like Talend’s offerings being based on the stable Apache releases and not on the various and unpredictable states the Fuse releases are built on, but that’s another blog entry… 🙂


  3. Hey Dan,

    well, I would really be interested in such a detailed blog entry which explains the differences between Talend and FuseSource solutions regarding Apache Camel…

    Best regards,
    Kai Wähner (@Twitter: KaiWaehner)

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