Updates to OSGi and Management coming in CXF

In the last week or so, there’s been a bit of work going on in CXF to improve the OSGi experience with CXF as well as make it easier to manage.

First off, Glen Mazza has done quite a bit of testing with JMX and wrote a very good blog entry about how to JMX enable your CXF services (and Metro). As part of that, he’s been testing it with various app servers and updating the documentation and such. All great work.

On the OSGi side, CXF will now register the Bus objects into the OSGi service registry. Thus, other OSGi services can query them and pull information out of them. The primary driver for this is the new Karaf WebConsole. It’s very very early (just added to the WebConsole yesterday), but you can see some of the stuff that can be queried here. Also, to make this more useful, the Bus ID now defaults to the bundle SymbolicName+”cxf” when running in OSGi. This makes it much easier in the WebConsole and in JMX to find the endpoints of interest when there are many deployed.

Combining both of the above, when running in OSGi, CXF will now lookup an MBeanServer from the container and register its MBeans automatically. With previous versions of CXF, the user would need to add a bunch of configuration into their blueprint or spring-dm configs to enable the JMX management. That will be done automatically now.

I’m quite happy with the above changes. It will really make the administrators job easier when using CXF, particularly in OSGi based ESB’s like Talend’s ESB.

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