Apache CXF – one year later…..

Today marks the one year anniversary of CXF coming to Apache. One year ago today, Jason van Zyl sent the first “Welcome” mail to this list. It’s probably a good time to think back over the last year and see what we’ve accomplished. First off: releases – we managed to produce 2 milestone releases along […]

Apache CXF 2.0 (incubating) is officially JAX-WS Certified

The Apache CXF community received word this morning that Sun has accepted our certification and has added Apache CXF to the JAXWS database as a certified JAXWS implementation. This is a huge event for the community. One of the concepts I’ve always advocated is “standards based” development. However, there seems to be different interpretations as […]

Making of my first PODCast

My first podcast was “published” last week on Dana Gardner’s blog. Doing a podcast was definitely an interesting experience. I’m not going to comment on the content here. Go listen to the podcast or read the transcript. 🙂 Instead, I want to describe the process about how the podcast content was created. I’m sure a […]

I’m a Maven Plugins Committer!

Today reached a new milestone for me. After a bunch of work with the Maven team to define new release process, creating new plugins, filing a lot of patches to bugs, etc…., the Maven team voted me in as a committer for the Maven plugins. This is kind of exciting to me as it validates […]

Maven 2.0.5 released….

Last week, Maven 2.0.5 was finally released. It was long in coming (over nine months since 2.0.4), but well worth the wait. It fixes a TON of bugs, many of which I’ve hit my own builds and have had to do a lot of hacks and workarounds to deal with. (Now I have to go […]