How buggy is your SOAP stack

One of the fun things about attending conferences such as ApacheCon is that you get to meet with users of the software I work on and hear “real world” stories of the issues they’ve run into. I talked to one user yesterday that presented a common story that I’ve heard over and over again from […]

3 Years of Apache CXF

Today marks exactly 3 years since my first commit at Apache toward Apache CXF: commit email A lot has definitely happened in 3 years. We’ve gone from two very separate codebases (Celtix and XFire) and have produced one of the leading Web Services frameworks. We were the first Apache Licensed JAX-WS compliant implementation. We were […]

Managers vs Leaders

On a recent thread on the general@incubator list at Apache, Niclas Hedhman pointed out a very interesting list of differences between Managers and Leaders from Wikipedia. I really like this list: Management involves power by position. Leadership involves power by influence. and specifically these distinctions: Managers administer; leaders innovate. Managers ask how and when; leaders […]

git-svn: a better svn client

A month or so ago, I decided I really should spend some time learning Git to see what all the fuss was about. Unfortunately, nearly everything I work on is in Subversion repositories. Thus, I really don’t have an opportunity to really see everything that Git has to offer. However, I did decide to give […]