Really Rude People

We had an “interesting” experience at dinner tonight. We (myself, my wife, and 2 kids) went out to dinner at John Harvard’s in Framingham. We’ve been there as a family many times before and always enjoy it. While it is a Brew House which you wouldn’t think is the most “family friendly” environment, we almost always are seated near other families with small kids and plenty of kids are always there. Today wasn’t an exception as we were seated next to a couple with a 17 month old girl with them (just a month older than our youngest).

Within few minutes of sitting down, the couple on the other side of us asked to get their food “To Go” because they had to “get away from all the kids” (last part said pretty loudly). That in itself was pretty rude. I can understand asking to be reseated or quietly asking to change to “To Go”, but to emphasize the why was a bit uncomfortable.

The worse part about it was our kids were REALLY on their best behavior tonight. Nathan was busy rolling a crayon back and forth with me and Ryan was coloring the ship on the kids menu and chatting with mommy. Neither was causing and scene. They were both quiet. Both sitting nicely. Etc…

Anyway, we just kind of let that slide, but when their food came and they paid their bill, things got even worse. On the way out, the man flipped us the bird. We were really shocked by that. Neither of us could believe he did that. Believe it or not, it gets even worse. The woman, who had already made it all the way to the door must have looked back and saw the look of shock in our face. She then walks all the way back to the table. I was expecting her to apologize for her husband, but instead, she said “Next time, you should take your kids to Friendy’s”. I wish I would have had a snappy comeback, but I was in complete shock. Couldn’t believe anyone was that rude. The couple next to us (with the child) couldn’t believe it either.

To their credit, the staff at John Harvard’s was excellent. Apparently, the manager was on the way in right as this all happened and saw it all. He came straight over to our table to apologize (not his fault) and the other wait staff also came by specifically to say our kids were behaving quite well and to not take it personally.

Anyway, just had to vent. What a bizarre experience. I still like John Harvard’s a lot and highly recommend it as a place to eat (and drink very good beer :-). I just hope those people stay away.

3 thoughts on “Really Rude People

  1. wow, the second come back was overboard, reminds me of 1995 back in Russia, good thing that in MA its more of an exception. Of course people without kids have a differnt view on life, but that’s no excuse.

  2. Although I’m a firm believer that most of people in the world are good people, I’m also aware that there are many crazy people with own issues & sounds like the family you described is one of them. I feel a bit sorry for their kids to have parents like that because when they grow up, likely they won’t be able to live in a happier place.

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