CXF committers on top….

I haven’t looked at the Apache Jenkins instance leader board in a few months. It’s kind of a silly and meaningless stat, but I broke the CXF build a couple times this week and decided to click on it to see if I had dropped by much. I was VERY surprise, but very impressed with what I saw:

Jenkins Leaderboard

ALL 10 of the top 10 on the leader board are CXF committers. Every one of them. There is definitely something to be said for having a community that encourages frequent commits as well as a build system that is easy to use and promotes testing, but also a general mantra instilled in the community of “Don’t break the build”. (and fix it quickly if you do)

Another interesting note is that 7 of the top 14 are Talend committers. Unfortunately, the other 2 Talend committers are near the bottom of the list (negative even). I guess I need to start pushing them harder to move up the list… 😉

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