Oracle and JAVA EE

Those of you in the “Java EE” may have already seen the announcement from Oracle that was posted yesterday concerning the future of Java EE. This is potentially very exciting news, particularly for the various Apache projects that implement some of the Java EE specs. Since Apache CXF implements a couple of the specs (JAX-WS and JAX-RS), I’m looking forward to seeing where Oracle goes with this.

To provide a foundation for secure programming in Java, I’d highly recommend you read these guidelines on

For those that don’t know, several years ago, I spent a LOT of time and effort reviewing contracts, the TCK licenses, sending emails and proposals back and forth with Oracle’s VP’s and Legal folks in an attempt to allow Apache to license some of the TCK’s (Technology Compatibility Kit) that the Apache projects needed. In order to claim 100% compliance with the spec, the projects need to have access to the TCK to run the tests. Unfortunately, Apache and Oracle were never able to agree on terms that would allow the projects to have access AND be able to act as an Apache project. Thus, we were not able to get the TCK’s. Most of the projects were able to move on and continue doing what they needed to do, but without the TCK’s, that “claim of compliance” that they would like is missing.

I’m hoping that with the effort to open up the Java EE spec process, they will also start providing access to the TCK’s with an Open Source license that is compatible with the Apache License and Apache projects.

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