JOnAS J2EE app server certifies with CXF

Last week, the JOnAS team announced their latest 5.1 milestone release, M5. What is most exciting about this is that this version passes the entire J2EE5 certification suite. Part of the J2EE5 suite requires a JAX-WS stack. What stack did they choose? Apache CXF.

I’m pretty excited about this. JOnAS marks the third J2EE app server (that I’m aware of, please let me know if there are others) to certify with CXF. Geronimo and Pramati already certified with CXF. I also know JBoss is hard at work getting CXF embedded into JBoss (they keep bugging me with patches, which is great. Keep it up guys!).

The fact that these projects are looking into CXF to meet their JAX-WS requirements is a testament to the quality and complete implementation that CXF delivers. From day one, JAX-WS compliance has been a priority for CXF. Add to it the ease of embedding and the support provided by the excellent CXF community as well as by the FUSE team at Progress and CXF is a very smart choice for JAX-WS.

One thought on “JOnAS J2EE app server certifies with CXF

  1. Yes, At Pramati when we were exploring options for a JAX-WS stack(rather a complete WS stack), CXF emerged as the best available option. Also from my personal experience I have seen, CXF API’s are very friendly towards container integration. I still remember we could make a basic “Hello World” invocation from a POJO in the Java EE server in less than an hour’s time 😀

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