Making of my first PODCast

My first podcast was “published” last week on Dana Gardner’s blog. Doing a podcast was definitely an interesting experience. I’m not going to comment on the content here. Go listen to the podcast or read the transcript. 🙂 Instead, I want to describe the process about how the podcast content was created. I’m sure a […]

Fatherhood in the digital age

This past week, my son’s website ( hit a major milestone: it now consumes over 1GB of drive space on my server. Since it’s mostly uncompressible images/videos, that means it sucks up 1GB of my backup storage as well. It also went over 1000 items. That started a bunch of discussions about what to do […]

I’m a Maven Plugins Committer!

Today reached a new milestone for me. After a bunch of work with the Maven team to define new release process, creating new plugins, filing a lot of patches to bugs, etc…., the Maven team voted me in as a committer for the Maven plugins. This is kind of exciting to me as it validates […]

Maven 2.0.5 released….

Last week, Maven 2.0.5 was finally released. It was long in coming (over nine months since 2.0.4), but well worth the wait. It fixes a TON of bugs, many of which I’ve hit my own builds and have had to do a lot of hacks and workarounds to deal with. (Now I have to go […]

Samples and presentations….

Every once in a while, my employer (IONA) actually allows me to get out of my cube and do a presentation about what I’ve been working on. Last week, I got to give a presentation to a bunch of people about Apache CXF. Specifically, some of the internal architectural things and how they differ from […]