New Computer

Today, my employer purchased me a new computer: a brand new Apple MacBook Pro 17″, 2.6Ghz. This marks a bunch of interesting events: 1) This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve had an employer supplied computer. I’ve pretty much always used a computer that I’ve purchased myself. 2) This also ends my […]

Apache CXF graduates!!!

Just received this piece of email from Jim Jagielski: I am happy and proud to announce that at this month’s board meeting, we have approved CXF’s graduation out of the Incubator and as a TLP. Dan Kulp was approved as VP of the PMC. Congrats to one and all! Pretty exciting. After 20+ months of […]

Apache CXF – one year later…..

Today marks the one year anniversary of CXF coming to Apache. One year ago today, Jason van Zyl sent the first “Welcome” mail to this list. It’s probably a good time to think back over the last year and see what we’ve accomplished. First off: releases – we managed to produce 2 milestone releases along […]

Apache CXF 2.0 (incubating) is officially JAX-WS Certified

The Apache CXF community received word this morning that Sun has accepted our certification and has added Apache CXF to the JAXWS database as a certified JAXWS implementation. This is a huge event for the community. One of the concepts I’ve always advocated is “standards based” development. However, there seems to be different interpretations as […]