Hard drive failure….

Well, the hard drive in my 5 month old MacBook Pro started developing bad sectors this week. On Tuesday, I tried to reboot and it pretty much refused to come up. Neither Linux nor OSX would boot up. The OSX fsck reported unrepairable volume corruption. A badblocks disk scan from linux revealed several bad blocks. […]

Back to Linux

While in the office yesterday (for the first time in almos a month), a couple people noticed I was running KDE/Linux on my MacBook Pro. Yep. I’ll admit it. I’ve given up on OSX and am back using Linux. I feel I gave OSX a pretty fair trial. I used it exclusively for 3 full […]

One week with a Mac…..

Yesterday marked a full week as a Mac user. I must admit that right now, I’m still slowly crawling out of the “what did I get myself into?” hole as I’m still struggling with the transition. It’s definitely a learning experience as I adjust. For the most part, I REALLY like the hardware aspects of […]

Ryan discovers the camera…..

It didn’t take long for my son to discover the nice shiny new computer sitting on daddy’s desk. So far, his favorite thing is the camera capturing into iMovie: He doesn’t quite understand the “baby in there”. He touches the baby on the screen and declares “Baby in there”. What’s even more confusing is when […]

New Computer

Today, my employer purchased me a new computer: a brand new Apple MacBook Pro 17″, 2.6Ghz. This marks a bunch of interesting events: 1) This is the first time in 10 years that I’ve had an employer supplied computer. I’ve pretty much always used a computer that I’ve purchased myself. 2) This also ends my […]