Patriots Season Ticket Holder!

This morning, I checked my email and I received a very exciting email. Here is the first paragraph: Welcome! You are now a New England Patriots Season Ticket Holder! We are excited to have you as the newest member of our team. The rest of the email just explains when I’ll get my seat assignments, […]

Streaming media server finally setup…..

Having a two year old, I’ve discovered that the DVR quickly gets filled with things like Backyardigans episodes and Diego episodes and such and that doesn’t leave room for the important things like football. At one point, the solution was to get all the episodes on DVD, which we did. However, DVD’s in the US […]

Back to Linux

While in the office yesterday (for the first time in almos a month), a couple people noticed I was running KDE/Linux on my MacBook Pro. Yep. I’ll admit it. I’ve given up on OSX and am back using Linux. I feel I gave OSX a pretty fair trial. I used it exclusively for 3 full […]

Kulp Micro Edition 2.0 Ships!

Kulp Technologies is proud to announce the immediate availability of Kulp Micro Edition 2.0. This release builds on the success of the previous version to provide enhancements to the popular features: Ability to produce a wide variety of stinky, smelly fluids and excrement. A high pitched wail, expected to occur for about 4-5 hours a […]