I really don’t live in the country….

….but sometimes I have to wonder.

I really do live in a pretty tightly packed residential area. Lot sizes around a 1/4 acre or so. But once in a while, I really do have to wonder. We’ve lived in the house for close to 9 years now. In that time, we’ve encountered:

1) 3 separate instances where my dogs (2 cocker spaniels) have cornered skunks in the back yard. Yea, not fun. You think the dogs would learn, but NOOOOoo….. “Black and white cats in my yard. Must Attack!!!!”

2) A pack of wolves (yes a pack of wolves) killed a dog up the street. An emergency alert went out so we had to keep the dogs inside for while.

3) One night, one of my dogs brought a possum into the house. (they have a dog door so they can come and go. Brought him right in through the door) Luckily it was just a possum that just played dead on the living room floor until I got a shovel to move it outside.

4) Yesterday, when we left to head out to see “grandma” in the morning, a racoon apparently snuck into the garage and got trapped there when we closed the door to leave. Got into the dog food, trash, and probably the supply of ant/mouse traps. When we came home and opened the door, trash was all over the floor and the coon was dead in the middle of a pile of dog food. Not sure if he ate himself to death or did get into the mouse/ant traps or what.

Kind of scary actually. We opened the garage door when Julie took Ryan out to the car to get him buckled in and get his dvd playing. She left the car door open and stepped back into the house to get Nathan. The coon could have jumped right in.

One thought on “I really don’t live in the country….

  1. With your luck with wildlife, just be glad you don’t live in Florida. I’ve had gators in my yard, racoons in my pool, and was chased by a super aggressive 5′ water mocassin on my own back porch. My weapon of preference is a shovel as well 😉

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