Apache CXF finally dropping support for Java 5

With the release of Apache CXF 2.6.1 last week, the CXF community decided to create the 2.6.x-fixes branch and move trunk to target 2.7. One of the first things we’ve started working on for 2.7 is dropping support for Java5. This is a topic that has come up many times over the last year or […]

Apache CXF – New Features

I just uploaded my slide deck from my presentation about Apache CXF‘s new features that I presented at CamelOne in Boston to Slideshare. Apache CXF – New Features View more presentations from Daniel Kulp I will hopefully be getting a full video of it sometime soon. When I do, I’ll post it here.

CXF committers on top….

I haven’t looked at the Apache Jenkins instance leader board in a few months. It’s kind of a silly and meaningless stat, but I broke the CXF build a couple times this week and decided to click on it to see if I had dropped by much. I was VERY surprise, but very impressed with […]

svnpubsub for Confluence sites

Anyone on a PMC at Apache likely saw a message sent out about a month ago from infrastructure@ that mentioned the mandate about project websites (and dist areas) change over to using svnpubsub by the end of the year. If you missed the email, it’s also nicely mentioned on the project-site page. For many of […]

Apache CXF split packages resolved!

A long time ago (ok, only 5.5 years ago), when Apache CXF was fist being spun up, we made a decision to try and separate the “API” and the “implementation” of the various CXF components into separate module. This was a very good idea for the most part. However, we did this prior to really […]