Streaming media server finally setup…..

Having a two year old, I’ve discovered that the DVR quickly gets filled with things like Backyardigans episodes and Diego episodes and such and that doesn’t leave room for the important things like football. At one point, the solution was to get all the episodes on DVD, which we did. However, DVD’s in the US […]

Vacations are very different now…..

This past week, my wife and I took our kids (Ryan, 2.2 years old, and Nathan, 11 weeks old) on a 5 day vacation to North Conway, New Hampshire. This is the first vacation that we’ve been on that didn’t involve visiting family since Ryan was born. Wow. Vacations are VERY different now. Forget about […]

Kulp Micro Edition 2.0 Ships!

Kulp Technologies is proud to announce the immediate availability of Kulp Micro Edition 2.0. This release builds on the success of the previous version to provide enhancements to the popular features: Ability to produce a wide variety of stinky, smelly fluids and excrement. A high pitched wail, expected to occur for about 4-5 hours a […]

Ryan discovers the camera…..

It didn’t take long for my son to discover the nice shiny new computer sitting on daddy’s desk. So far, his favorite thing is the camera capturing into iMovie: He doesn’t quite understand the “baby in there”. He touches the baby on the screen and declares “Baby in there”. What’s even more confusing is when […]